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Sports should be part of everyone’s life. Sports keep you healthy and happy. You can join the sports club in your area and get trained in sports. Sunday’s Well magazine is about sports clubs. We try to inform our readers about the advantages of taking part in different sports.

We write articles on different sports activities, training, and related things. By reading our articles the readers get motivated to join a sports club and this brings in a positive change in their lives. If you want to be part of our mission, then you can join our team as a guest writer.

As a guest writer you will get lots of benefits. You can explore this niche and become an expert writer. It will be a good learning journey for you as you will be working with an experienced team of writers.

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We will give you training so that you can write in the style we want you to and also know our writing guidelines.

There are some strict guidelines that you must follow when writing an article. You must choose a topic that has not been covered in the magazine. The topic must be interesting and you should do proper research about the topic before writing about it.

The article must be between 500 and 800 words and have an interesting opening so that the readers feel the urge to read the entire article.

We encourage all our writers to include relevant images with the articles. We will promote your article on different social media sites. So, we expect you to provide us with a short biography. If you mention any facts or news in your writing then make sure that you mention the source of your information.

Before writing the article, we want you to send us a sample of your previous writing. Once we approve it, we will invite you to write for us. If you have further questions, you can contact us.

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