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The world today is different than it was years back. In the past, people used to grow their crops near their homes. Nowadays, due to the shortage of land, you won’t find so many small agricultural land in towns.

People depend on imported food and quick meals like snacks. These are unhealthy and may contribute to various diseases.

Our lifestyle also has become unhealthy. For example, instead of playing outside, we play online video games or instead of walking to the nearby store, we take our car. We are becoming inactive and it’s affecting our health seriously.

Local sports clubs are trying to promote good health by arranging training programs for different sports like tennis, squash, boating, and others. If you have a sports club near your home, then you should enrol in one of these training programs.

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Sports clubs can play a huge role in the lives of people in the community. They can develop talent and also keep people healthy. These clubs organize different events throughout the year so that people stay motivated and come to the club regularly.

They provide special facilities for the members, like free access to the gymnasium or swimming pool.

By joining a sports club, you get the opportunity to get trained in any sport by an expert. This gives you the opportunity to bring out your talent and participate in different competitions. You never know, you might become the next best Wimbledon tennis player by regularly playing at your local sports club.

This magazine is about a sports club and its activities. We focus on those sports clubs that gives training for tennis and squash, in particular. In this magazine, you will learn about the different sports club in your vicinity or other places. You will know about the facilities they provide, their fees, the coaches, training programs that you can join, and more.

You will get the latest news about the upcoming events organized by this sports club. You can read articles on sports gear, health tips, and other things related to sports. You will also know about the star players in different clubs and read their interviews.

Here, you will get suggestions from renowned coaches who will help you to become a better player.

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