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Online Court Booking goes live Mon 27th March

Online Booking goes begins on March 27th, in order to help you with this transition a number of help resources have been created to show you how to use the new online booking system.

Firstly, a number of demo videos are available at the links below:

1. Logging into Smart Cloud

2. Booking a court

3. Cancelling a court

4. Editing a Booking 

5. Watching a Court

6. Topping up the Smart Card



You can use the following checklist to make sure you are ready to use the online booking system:

1. I gave my email address to the Club Office? Not to do so means you will not be able to book a court once the online booking system is in replique montre place!

2. I have registered for Smart Cloud? To register for Smart Cloud follow the links in the 2 emails you should have received. Once you have done this you will be able to amend your personal membership details, pay your subscription, top-up your card and book courts (court booking goes live on Mon 27th March) all online. Contact the office for assistance.

3. I have made myself familiar with the changes in the booking rules? The booking rules are changing with the introduction of the new online booking system. The biggest changes are outlined below:- 

4. I know where I can get more information? A number of resourses have been put together in order to provide as much support as possible, the details are given at the top of this page. The resourses will include:-

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience.

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